Natalia Sitnikova


Born in 1978 in Moscow

1989-1996 - Moscow Academic Art Lyceum

1996-2002 - Moscow Surikov Art Academy

Since 2002 member of Moscow union of artists

2003 - Laureate of "Triumph" youth Prize

2004 - Medal of Ministry of Culture "For a track records in culture"

Since 2016 member of Creative Union of artists



Solo exhibitions

2018 - "Solar plexus". Agency Art Ru, Moscow

2018 - Solo-exhibition. Yaroslavl art museum

2018 - "Sketches". With Olga Bulgakova. "Kultproect" gallery, Moscow

2017 - Solo-exhibition. "Detali" art-school, Moscow

2016 - "On the verge / out of the verge". With Alexey Lantsev. "Zdes" gallery, Moscow

2016 - "Abstraction. Tactile sence". With Andrey Syaglov. Red Bridge gallery, Vologda

2016 - "Relict light". With Olga Gurevich. Curated by Kirill Alexeev. A3 gallery, Moscow

2015 - "Segments". With Daria Konovalova. Open club, Moscow

2014 - "Insight". "Zdes'"gallery, Moscow

2012 - Olga Bulgakova, Alexander Sitnikov, Natalia Sitnikova. Museum exhibition centre "Korbakov house", Vologda

2012 - "Dialogue with the continuation". Olga Bulgakova, Alexander Sitnikov, Natalia Sitnikova. Gallery on Chistye prudy, Moscow

2011 - "The abstraction: from the flatness up to the volume". With Georgy Frangulyan. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Museion Centre for the Aesthetic Education, Moscow

2011 - Solo-exhibition. Agency Art.Ru, Moscow

2008 - "Title Here" videoproject. Natalia Sitnikova, Anna Avramenko. National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow

2007 - Solo-exhibition. HIART gallery, Moscow

2006 - Solo-exhibition. M'ARS centre of Modern Art. Moscow

2006 - Solo-exhibition. Mimi Ferzt Gallery, New York

2004 - "Art- Seminar. Trialogue."  Olga Bulgakova, Alexander Sitnikov, Natalia Sitnikova. Moscow museum of Modern Art

2003 - AIS-AICA project. Moscow International Art Salon. Central House of Artists, Moscow

2003 - Solo-exhibition. Manege gallery, Moscow

2002 - Solo-exhibition. State Russian Museum, St-Petersburg


Selected group exhibitions

2018 - From Non-Conformism to Feminisms: Russian Women Artists from the Kolodzei Art 

Foundation, Museum of Russian Art (TMORA), Minneapolis

2018 - Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow

2018 - "Red gates / against the stream". Saratov State art museum

2018 - "Metro". Open club, Moscow

2018 - "Open doors". Central House of Artists, Moscow

2018 - "Vladey Kavkazom". NCCA Moscow

2018 - "Without announced worth". Artplay, Moscow

2017 - "Journey". Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

2017 - "Without announced worth". A3 gallery, Moscow

2016-17 - "Moscow ringway: new way". Museum of Moscow

2016 - "Colour alphabet. From A - Z". Central House of Artists, Moscow

2016 - "Dialogue with Miro". Inctituto Cervantes, Moscow

2016 - "Nakeds". Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

2016 - "Red gates / against the stream". Tsereteli art gallery, Moscow

2016 - "Tauromachy". Inctituto Cervantes, Moscow

2016 - "Red & Black". Part II. Central House of Artists, Moscow

2016 - "Somebody Else's Idea / Citation". Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

2016 - "Cramming". Open gallery / Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

2015 - "AROUND the SQUARE". Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Kazimir Malevich's "Black Square". Museum and exhibition Complex of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow

2015 - "Parallel ornithology". Belyaevo gallery, Moscow

2015 - "Federico Garcia Lorca: between the colour and the word". Inctituto Cervantes, Moscow

2015 - "Yellow Submarine". Central house of artists, Moscow

2015 - "It means nothing". A3 gallery, Moscow

2015 - Moscow international art salon. "Family project: O. Bulgakova, A. Sitnikov, N. Sitnikova. Central house of artists, Moscow

2014 - 8th festival of contemporary art collections. Storage locker. Exhibition of Ivan Isaev's collection. Cultproject gallery, Moscow

2013 - 11 russian artists. Sweden, Maglehem

2012 - ART.FAIR. International fair for modern and contemporary art. Kovcheg gallery. Cologne

2012 - "Important problem". Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

2012 - "Insurance case". Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

2011 - "Between the object and the imagination". Kovcheg gallery, Moscow

2011 - "Gates and Doors". State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg

2011 - "Distortions. Grounds" Agency Art.Ru, Moscow

2009 - "Dormitory District". Special project as part of The 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Moscow

2009 - Biennale "Water". Germany, Bad Breisig

2008 - From Non-Conformism to Feminisms: Russian Women Artists from the Kolodzei Art Foundation. Chelsea Art Museum, New York

2008 - "Power of Water". State Russian Museum. St.Petersburg

2008 - I Moscow International Biennale of Young Art. State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow

2008 - "Art -Moscow". 12  International Art Fair. Central House of Artists, Moscow

2008 - "Non objective". Mimi Ferzt gallery, New York

2007 - "Moscow-New York. Parallel Play". Selections from the Kolodzei Collection of Russian and Eastern European Art. Chelsea Art Museum, New York

2007 - "New Angelarium". Moscow museum of Modern Art

2006 - "Art-Moscow". 10 International Art Fair. Central House of Artists, Moscow

2005 - Moscow Grafika: Artists' Prints 1961-2005. Selections from the Kolodzei Collection of Russian and Eastern European Art. International Print Center, New York

2003 - "Abstraction in the Vogue". State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow

2003 - Moscow Abstraction. XX century. State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow

2001 - Abstraction in Russia. 20th century. State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg



State Russian Museum,

Ludvig Museum in the State Russian Museum,

State Tretyakov gallery,

Moscow museum of Modern Art,

Vologda regional gallery,

Tobolsk Art Museum,

Ulyanovsk regional art museum,

Yaroslavl art museum,

Kolodzei Collection of Russian and Eastern European Art